Table I.2.1 – Source Groups and Associated Source Categories

Source Group

1 - Waste Incineration

2 - Metal Production

3 - Heat and Power Generation

4 - Production of Mineral Products

5 - Transport

Source Categories a Municipal solid waste incineration Iron ore sintering Fossil fuel power plants Cement production 4-Stroke engines
b Hazardous waste incineration Coke production Biomass power plants Lime production 2-Stroke engines
c Medical waste incineration Iron and steel production and foundries Landfill Biogas combustion Brick production Diesel engines
d Light-fraction shredder waste incineration Copper production Household heating and cooking (biomass) Glass production Heavy oil fired engines
e Sewage sludge incineration Aluminum production Domestic heating (fossil fuels) Ceramics production  
f Waste wood and waste biomass incineration Lead production  

Asphalt Mixing

g Destruction of animal carcasses Zinc production   Oil Shale Processing  
h   Brass and bronze production      
i   Magnesium production      
j   Other non-ferrous metal production      
k   Shredders      
l   Thermal wire reclamation      

Source Group

6 - Open Burning Processes

7 - Chemicals and Consumer Goods

8 - Miscellaneous

9 - Disposal

10 - Hot Spots

Source Categories a Biomass burning Pulp and paper production Drying of biomass Landfills, waste dumps and landfill mining Sites used for the production of chlorine
b Waste burning  and accidental fires Chlorinated inorganic chemicals Crematoria Sewage/ sewage treatment Production sites of chlorinated organics
c   Chlorinated aliphatic chemicals Smoke houses Open water dumping Application sites of PCDD/PCDF containing pesticides and chemicals
d   Chlorinated aromatic chemicals Dry cleaning Composting Timber manufacture and treatment sites
e   Other chlorinated and non-chlorinated chemicals Tobacco smoking Waste oil treatment(non-thermal) Textile and leather factories
f   Petroleum industry     Use of PCB
g   Textile production     Use of chlorine for production of metals and inorganic chemicals
h   Leather refining     Waste incinerators
i         Metal industries
j         Fire accidents
k         Dredging of sediments and contaminated flood plains
l         Dumps of wastes/residues from source groups 1-9
m         Kaolin or ball clay sites