The Toolkit revision and update has entirely relied on support from Parties and other donors, which took a variety of forms such as the work of nominated national experts, funding of international programs and national projects, in-kind contribution of expert institutions, as well as direct donor contributions through the Stockholm Convention Voluntary Trust Fund.

All experts nominated by parties and others, included in the Toolkit Expert Roster, were involved in the Toolkit review and updating process at least by electronic means. The following experts are gratefully acknowledged for their substantial contribution to the development of this document.

Authors: Mr. Emmanuel Fiani, Agency for Environment and Energy Management, France (Chapter II.2), Ms. Ute Karl, European Institute for Energy Research, Germany (Chapter II.3), Mr. Gunther Umlauf, Joint Research Centre, European Commission (Chapter II.4), Mr. João Vicente De Assunção, University of Sao Paulo, Brazil (Chapter II.5), Mr. Sergey Kakareka, Institute for Nature Management, Belarus (Chapters II.5 and II.10), Ms. Heidelore Fiedler, UNEP DTIE Chemicals Branch (Chapter II.6), Ms. Pat Costner, International POPs Elimination Network (Chapters II.7 and II.8), and Mr. Roland Weber, POPs Environmental Consulting, Germany (Chapters II.9 and II.10).

Contributors: Mr. Youssef Bennouna (Etudes et Mesures les Cinq Domaines, Morocco), Mr. Hindrik Bowman (North-West University, South Africa), Ms. Beatriz Cárdenas González (National Center for Environmental Research, Mexico), Mr. William F. Carroll (International Council of Chemical Associations), Mr. Nee Sun Choong Kwet Yive (University of Mauritius, Mauritius), Ms. Verónica Gonzalvez Reyes (Ministry of Housing, Land Use and Environment, Uruguay), Mr. Adam Grochowalski (Krakow University of Technology, Poland), Ms. Stina Jansson (Umeå University, Sweden), Mr. Stellan Marklund (Umeå University, Sweden), Mr. Mick Meyer (Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organisation, Australia), Mr. Charles Mirikau (University of Nairobi, Kenya), Ms. Chalongkwan Tangbanluekal (Mahidol University, Thailand), Mr. Gerhard Thanner (Environment Agency, Austria), Mr. Minghui Zheng (Research Center for Eco-Environmental Sciences, China).

Reviewers: Mr. Bruce Graham (Graham Environmental Consulting Ltd, New Zealand), Mr. Yasuhiro Hirai (Kyoto University, Japan), Ms. Jargalsaikhan Lkhasuren (Ministry of Nature, Environment and Tourism, Mongolia), Mr. Phet Pichhara (Ministry of Environment, Cambodia).

Translation of Excel files: Arabic and French - Mr. Youssef Bennouna (Etudes et Mesures les Cinq Domaines, Morocco); Chinese - Mr. Minghui Zheng (Research Center for Eco-Environmental Sciences, China); Russian - Mr. Sergey Kakareka (Institute for Nature Management, Belarus); Spanish - Ms. Verónica Gonzalvez Reyes (Ministry of Housing, Land Use and Environment, Uruguay).

Input into the Toolkit revision has also been received via projects implemented thanks to donor support and in-kind contributions such as the project on brick kilns led by the European Commission’s Joint Research Centre, projects to determine emission factors for open burning of biomass and waste funded by Sweden, the World Chlorine Council and other donors, as well as through national projects such as those dedicated to household heating and cooking led by Germany, metallurgy sector led by France, Japan and China, and evaluation of simple stoves led by Mexico. Funding from the European Commission allowed the implementation of the Toolkit revision process, through organization of annual expert meetings.

The support from the Secretariat of the Basel, Rotterdam and Stockholm Conventions, and contribution from UNEP DTIE Chemicals Branch for the production of the initial draft is also gratefully acknowledged.