Annex 38 Complementary information to source category 4d Glass Production

Overview of recent revisions

No revisions of emission factors have been made. Additional guidance has been introduced on classifying sources within this category, estimating activity rates, and on data quality aspects.

Derivation of emission factors

Release to Air

Tests in Germany on three glass producing furnaces showed low concentrations of PCDD/PCDF (SCEP 1994). The plants tested were fitted with dry sorption or wet scrubbing or electrostatic precipitators. Emissions factors for two plants were 0.005 and 0.022 μg TEQ/t of product, for the third plant concentrations were about a factor of 8 higher but an emission factor could not be calculated.

An emission factor of 0.015 μg TEQ/t of product should be applied to plants with pollution control systems and careful control over combustion conditions and material inputs to the kiln. An emission factor of 0.2 μg TEQ/t of product should be used where no gas cleaning is used and controls on plants may be less stringent.

Release to Water

Releases to water may occur where wet scrubbers are used. There is not enough information to estimate an emission factor in this case. The presence and source of effluents should be noted.

Release to Land

No release to land is expected.

Release in Products

Releases of PCDD/PCDF into glass products are expected to be very low due to the high processing temperatures.

Release in Residues

PCDD/PCDF may be present in residues from gas cleaning systems used in glass manufacture. No information was available to estimate an emission factor.