Annex 32 Complementary information to source category 3c Landfill Biogas Combustion

Overview of recent revisions

No revisions of emission factors have been made for this source category. Additional guidance has been introduced on classifying sources within this category, estimating activity rates, and on data quality aspects.

Derivation of emission factors

Release to Air

Releases to air are the only vector for landfill gas and biogas combustion. The default emission factor was derived from mean values reported between 7.6 and 8.4 μg TEQ/TJ of biogas burned as a mean value for the German and UK study, respectively (LUA 1997, IFEU 1998, Environment Canada 1999). Emissions in the German studies ranged from 0.001 to 0.28 ng I-TEQ/m³, Dutch measurements gave 0.07 ng I-TEQ/m³ (LUA 1997). A recent study from Belgium reported PCDD/PCDF concentrations below 0.1 g I-TEQ/Nm³ (at 5% O2) for measurements of flared biogas at five landfill sites (Idczak et al. 2004).

Release to Water

No release to water is expected.

Release to Land

No release to land is expected since landfill gas and biogas burn virtually residue-free.

Release in Products

The process has no product; thus no release to product occurs.

Release in Residues

No release to residue occurs since landfill gas and biogas burn virtually residue-free.